Review: Who Gets The Apartment?

During the beyond few years most folks have watched fact tv indicates which include Survivor and The Amazing Race. In essence, these shows revolve around contestants teaming up, paring off, and plotting towards one another of their quest for victory. First time author, Steven Rigolosi, has now skillfully adapted this truth layout to the broadcast page with, Who Gets the Apartment?

An commercial is placed in a neighborhood Manhattan newspaper, The Clarion, wherein a highly-priced 3000 sq.Feet. Duplex penthouse comprising two bedrooms, fireplaces and three baths, and a few other chocolates, is offered for lease at the fairly monthly low apartment of 600 bucks. If you have any concept of the tight and high-priced condo marketplace state of affairs in Manhattan, you may thoroughly recognize how laughable this sounds!

The condominium is fast wolfed up with, however, one drawback- the apartment agent had cunningly rented the equal premises to four specific individuals. The four comprise an assistant district lawyer, Venice, a struggling artist, Ian, a laptop geek, Oliver, and an editor, Corinne, who all find themselves stepping into the rental at the equal time. The query going through them is which one will preserve the apartment, as they all have a valid prison proper to the lease.

The suspenseful story plays out with four distinct possible scenarios crafted as quick stories, each with precise plot twists. Should the four play the game of danger and roll the dice? Perhaps, it’s far everyman for himself, and allow the maximum devious one win the rental? If the condo is massive sufficient, why now not all stay in it for the 2 year term? Then once more, how approximately banding together and bring the scoundrel who rented them the condominium to justice? The testimonies are contrived in which friendships and relationships are tested all through the route of several days offering unique views of humanity and human interaction.

Rigolosi is an authentic voice who uses a completely smart and particular technique in inviting reader participation involving dialogue, hypothesis, and philosophical mirrored image. He in addition teases and entertains his readers by way of such as inside the novel a sequel, Good Boys Never Win, that presumes the foursome had agreed to a course of action and in so doing arrived at a very first-class sense- desirable conclusion. Their achievement now leads them to bask in every other scenario concerning one of the foursome’s boss and his secretary. Herein once more by way of placing all of their heads collectively they are able to bring about vicious revenge on people who deserve it.

Rigolosi can honestly write, maintaining his readers on area with his clean-to-read narrative, cute characters, and intentionally intriguing plot. I might generally tend to agree with the author’s publicist who indicated to me that as a pupil of pop culture (and a former editor of sociology texts), Rigolosi is poised to accomplish something wherein few authors have succeeded-turning watchers of television into readers of ebook.